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Dayan Guhong M Pro


Dayan Guhong M Pro


Introducing the latest innovation from the renowned speedcubing brand – the DaYan GuHong Pro M 3x3. Magnetic and sporting a sleek glossy finish, this cube sets a new standard for speed and performance. Experience smooth and effortless solves right out of the box, thanks to its precision engineering and advanced magnet technology. With the DaYan GuHong Pro M, customization is at your fingertips. Choose from 5 different tension settings that you can easily adjust by hand, ensuring a tailored solving experience that meets your preferences. Elevate your cubing game and give your solves a fresh new edge with the GuHong Pro M. This version features a 56mm MagLev design, replacing traditional springs with opposing magnets for enhanced stability and control. Prepare to revolutionize your cubing experience with the DaYan GuHong Pro M 3x3.

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