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Moyu Super RS3M V2 UV


Moyu Super RS3M V2 UV


 The Super RS3M V2 UV has 3 variants and the following features:

1) Agile suspension - delivers a lightweight feel. Hollow interior design reduces overall weight significantly.

2) Anti-pop designs for further improved corner-cuttings.

3) 90 degree all angle corner-cutting elevating flagship performance; 55 degree corner-cutting; 35 degree reverse corner-cutting.

4) 9 level adjustable maglev system; pressure reduction.

5) Mechanical system: Elastic mechanical lift, stable rebound.

6) Dual adjustments system precisely calibrated. Two stability control options available. Enhanced Maglev performance.

7) Seamless Friction Surface, reduces resistance by half.

8) Comprehensive Magnetic Matrix Scientific Magnetic Compartments. Evenly fitted with 48 magnetic chambers for even and balanced magnet attraction. Scientific support structure, firm and non-detachable.

9) All direction magnetic core positioning consisting 88 magnets; dual magnetic forces. Ball-core positioning. 64 attraction magnets. 12 levitating magnets form a repulsion magnetic ring. Edge pieces feature 12 magnets on the bottom, repelling against the core.







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