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Welcome to Cubewerkz Puzzle Store

Cubewerkz, founded in 2012 by David Ang, is an innovative puzzle retailer, organizer of speedcubing competitions and speedcubing training provider in Singapore. Its Ecommerce store which specialises in Speedcubes and Twisty Puzzles offers worldwide shipping to over 200 countries. 

Cubewerkz has been the official sponsor for Singapore speedcubing competitions from 2013 till the present. Since 2016, it has organized several speedcubing competitions namely, Cubewerkz Open 2016, Singapore Mini 2019, Singapore AMKCC Cubing 2022, Singapore AMKCC Cubing A 2023, Singapore AMKCC Cubing B 2023 and others. Cubewerkz is known in the local cubing community and has established good rapport with cubers and organizing committee for speedcubing competitions.

Cubewerkz's mission is to promote speedcubing to the community and train aspiring cubers. To date, Cubewerkz Cubing Academy has conducted more than 2000 cubing lessons for over 800 students in its academy, primary schools, student care students and voluntary welfare organizations.

Cubewerkz's goal has always to been to sell puzzles at a good price, processed it quickly and deliver to customer at its soonest. Cubewerkz will continue to evolve and has been offering a wider range of merchandise including Cubewerkz customised apparel, cubing mats, drawstring bag and others. To date, Cubewerkz has coproduced 4 puzzles with Calvin's Puzzles. Bubbloid 445 and 554 and Eitan's Twist and Eitan's Fisher, making the dreams of puzzle collector come true.