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Welcome to Cubewerkz Puzzle Store

Cuberwerkz is an Ecommerce store specialising in Speedcubes and Twisty Puzzles that offers worldwide shipping to over 200 countries. It had its beginning in the retail business as a merchant selling its puzzles through rented lockers all over Singapore. Cubewerkz was started by David Ang in January 2012.

Cubewerkz has been the official sponsor for Singapore Rubik's Competition from 2013  to 2017. It has sponsored every Speedcubing competition in Singapore ever since 2013. Cubewerkz is known about the cubing community here and has established good rapport with cubers and organizing committee for Cubing competitions.

The goal has  always to been to sell puzzles at a good price, processed it quickly and deliver to customer soonest possible. Cuberwerkz will continue to evolve and will definitely offer a wider range of products and services. In facts  Cubewerkz has coproduced 4 puzzles with Calvin's Puzzles. Bubbloid 445 and 554 and Eitan's Twist and Eitan's Fisher, making the dreams of puzzle collector come true. There are also custom magnetics cubes that will be available in our store soon.

Some of its Tshirt design sold at competition has been very well received. We will offer other accessories soon.