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Bubbloid 445


The Bubbloid 445 is originally called Bubbloid122. It is designed by Carl Hoff and the mass produced version is  the result of a collaboration between Cubewerkz and Calvin's Puzzles. Bubbloid puzzles are actually corner turning Cuboids that does not shape shift.

Each number on the original naming convention refers to the number of shared edges between 2 adjacent corners sharing that edge.

For example between the longer edge, there is 1 shared edge piece between the adjacent corner of the longer edge. On the square face, 2 edge pieces are shared between 2 adjacent corners on the square face. So that is how the number 122 comes about. To make it easier, the naming is change to count the corner and edge pieces of the 3 sides. Thus the new name is called Bubbloid 445 which is easier for layman.

The puzzle do not have corner-cutting features common in speedcubes. The turning is acceptable. It is a fun puzzle to solve.

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