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David Gear Cube Black Body - Cubewerkz Puzzle Store

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David Gear Cube Black Body

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David Gear Cube combines 8 corner turning gears meshing with 4 quarter center gears on each face together with a conventional 2x2x2 cube. . The puzzle concept was conceived by David Tzur (previously known as Alex Polonsky) and developed by Oskar van Deventer, one of the world’s most prolific puzzle designers.  This makes it a whole different ball game to solve. Turning 2 diagonally opposite corners change every pieces position relative to each other.

his puzzles combines a corner-and-center-turning gear cube with a twisty 2x2x2 cube. Whereas it is easy to return the puzzle to its cubic shape, it is quite a challenge to get all gear segments to their right face, and even harder to solve the puzzle as a whole.

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